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 Flynn De Freitas - Principal 

Management consultant:


Investment banker: 

Corporate finance: 

Development and capital raising:

Asian network:

Domestic network:

 McKinsey & Company 

 Merrill Lynch 

 ANZ and NAB 

 Private, Jewish backed property development firm 

 Over 30 hedge funds and family offices 

 Private lenders, property developers and family offices 


Flynn De Freitas

Flynn has built a proven capital raising 'system' that has closed over $450m in funding for property developers. Respected by capital partners for his transparent, concise and risk focused approach, he delivers confidence and certainty to developers through providing direct access to the key decision makers of Australian investment funds and family offices, international hedge funds, and other private funders.

Prior to his 12 years in capital raising, Flynn worked as an executive with Merrill Lynch (equity analyst covering the banking sector), as well as an inhouse mergers and acquisitions manager (NAB), strategy analyst (ANZ), and management consultant with McKinsey & Company.

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